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KT Fringe '17

KT Fringe '17


The new Fringe is an easy to ride squash tail perfor- mance board, offering great stability, smooth paddling and slick turns to die for.

This one is all about getting your first shorter board that is forgiving enough to finish rides. This is the go to board when you jump from your longboard or malibu.

The smaller Fringe sizes are fun and easy fish outlines with a progressive rocker. These boards are all about getting the maximum out of small or not so powerful wave sessions. Ease of paddling and catching waves, and a narrower tail allow for quick accelerating turns.

As the line evolves, it moves into fuller and wider outlines on the bigger boards. Fast paddling, stable and easy for take offs. It’s a great all-around board for learning and progressing your surfing. The Fringe is at home in punchy waves, clean point breaks and mushy beach break alike.
  • Details

    Available in 1-3 business days.

    Prices include 20% USt. (VAT).

    FREE SHIPPING within the EU. Quatro Goya MFC KT Boards
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