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KT Crusher '17

KT Crusher '17


The new Crusher squash tail performance shortboard line was developed for average to good waves but will also be your first choice when the waves are pumping clean.

It best suits high performance surfing over any range of conditions. The KT team rides this from Hawaii to Trestles to the Marshalls. It has a fast progressive rocker with just the perfect lift at the nose and tail to fit into the curve that good waves offer. It’s an easy paddler with a quick get up and go. It has a bit of a fuller outline and foam flow to support easy riding and lines.

Fast, flowy and forgiving. Its rails allow for a smooth feeling when carving. The rocker has a relatively low entry with a medium release yet enough tail rocker to turn on a dime. The Crusher is the pinnacle of our custom performance models and is unrivaled when used in good swell.
  • Details

    Available in 1-3 business days.

    Prices include 20% USt. (VAT).

    FREE SHIPPING within the EU. Quatro Goya MFC KT Boards
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