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GOYA RDM 99% Mast - Top only

GOYA RDM 99% Mast - Top only

The all new Goya 99% carbon mast is designed from highest grade carbon, and lots of it. As a matter of fact if it weren’t for finish and labels there’d be little other than carbon in this mast.

The 99% has the fastest reflex response of all Goya masts, if not all the windsurfing industry, giving enormous amounts of acceleration to any sail you rig on it. Especially the new Bounce Freestyle sail comes to life like no other on this mast. The 99% is your choice if you are looking for unsur- passable performance period. Precision engineered. Machine made. It’s center of gravity is beautifully low and last but certainly not least this mast is among the lightest on the market.

Yes, all our tops and bottoms can be mixed and that is why we also sell them separately, if you got a new 4.2 sail and you need a shorter mast, all you need is a 370 top or if you are getting a new 5.3 sail just get the 430 bottom.

For the chart: Starting from a full mast (Example: 400 Top/Bottom) if you need to go smaller just get the 370 top and if you need to go bigger get the 430 bottom.By doing this you are allowing the mast to remain close to top flex which keeps your draft lower and forward.

The main difference between Goya masts and those of all competition is Diagonal Flex™. No other mast brand offers this technology.

Diagonal Flex™ does not only allow Goya masts to bend to amazing curves, just like all those laboratory photos you know, but while in that shape, they are also enabled to twist extremely lively, working in close synergy with the Goya sails.
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    Available in 1-3 business days.

    Prices include 20% USt. (VAT).

    FREE SHIPPING within the EU. Quatro Goya MFC KT Boards
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