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GOYA RDM 90% Mast 370 (2014)

GOYA RDM 90% Mast 370 (2014)

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Diagonal Flex™
The main difference between Goya masts and those of all competition is Diagonal Flex™. It does not only allow Goya masts to bend to amazing curves, just like all those laboratory photos you know, but while in that shape, they are also enabled to twist extremely lively, working in close synergy with the Goya sails.

90% Carbon
Another essential building block of our masts is the use of an all new Goya exclusive Carbon lay up that makes our extreme bend and twist curves possible in the first place. 90% Pre-Preg. 33 million pounds per square inch.

Wall Thickness
The equation is very simple. Our wall thickness is at least 50% thicker than the rest of the market, while still being among the lightest weights.

Bend and Reflex like SDM
That sounds impossible but when you see that we offer our RDM masts at 490, doesn’t that make you curious how quick and stable our 400 is?

Our mast layup gradually adapts to each sizing, enabaling us to go from 12 IMCS on our 310 all the way up to 30 IMCS on the 490, while still keeping the same bending percentages or even getting a stiffer bottom section on the larger masts, making our RDM masts outperform SDM masts. And let’s not even talk about durability.

Weight (+/-5%):

370 - 1,65 kg
400 - 1,80 kg
430 - 1,95 kg
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