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GOYA Proton Pro '21 - Race Single

GOYA Proton Pro '21 - Race Single


The 2021 Proton Pro is all about speed, power and flow. The new board comes in four sizes, 97, 112, 118 and 137 liters, each carefully tuned to its designated application and conditions.


New features include a more balanced deck flow on the 97 and 118, more forward reaching cutouts on the 97, 118 and 137, V-Bottom shapes on all sizes, a new comfort deck on all sizes, a size specific custom construction on each size, balancing stiffness and flex individually, a more compact shape on the 97 and the 118, as well as Power Pads on all sizes, allowing you to step into boost mode confidently, when you need to.


The 97 is a new and completely redesigned high wind small slalom board, utterly well balanced. Designed to be a fast and comfortable board for slalom racing and long distance. With its new sleek outline and slightly shorter length the new 97 became more comfortable and easier to ride. The rocker line has been redesigned with a slightly higher rocker in the mid nose area and but still a low nose for least wind resistance when going for speed. Additional to the rocker line and the outline, the thickness profile of the board has been evened out and with slightly less depth in the deck concave and a thinned out back of the board is feels much more natural under your feet. With all this added handling comfort, the bottom could receive slightly less V than the previous board, to gain speed.


The 112 is based on the very competitive 117 from last year, and is an extremely comfortable board to ride. The wind-range of this board is very big due to the larger cutouts that make the board very easy to control in the higher wind range, but give it power and release in the lower wind range. The parallel outline and low mast base position make this board outstanding to handle when the conditions get less then perfect.


The 118 is an all new launch in the range. As it is a bigger medium board, we wanted to have this board ride especially well in a wide range of conditions, from 6.6 powered up to 8.6 nicely powered this board works extremely well. It features the new balanced deck flow, meaning the back of the board is slightly thinner and the rails stay fuller further forward, making it easier and faster to gybe. The cut outs are more forward reaching, providing better release. More curve in the bottom outline adds additional railing power to the board and makes it gybe even better.


The 137 is based on the already super fast 137 from last year. This size received substantial updates on the bottom shape and cut outs, making it gybe better and have a little more railing power, especially in lighter winds, where it shines the most. The bottom shape features a new slightly open V with a small but effective tail kick making the board ride slightly higher and more free.


Pro Full Carbon Hull Construction

Sizes 112, 118, 137 come foil ready

Tuttle / Deep Tuttle center finbox


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    Available in 1-3 business days.

    Prices include 20% USt. (VAT).

    FREE SHIPPING within the EU. Quatro Goya MFC KT Boards
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