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GOYA ONE Freewave Pro '15

GOYA ONE Freewave Pro '15

FRANCISCO’S words: "Freewave in Thruster style. Imagine turning and sliding with all new angles and speed. This is the magic of the new ONE. These new shapes turn average onshore conditions into turning paradises. They spark creativity and ignite maneuvers that may not even exist yet because the new ONE can travel paths on real world waves that simply haven't been traveled before."

The new ONE is slightly shorter and in combination with a higher entry results in an increased range of not only conditions but also styles, especially when switching between fin set ups. These boards will feel at home anywhere as long as it's water you put them into. The fin setup versatility of these boards lets you explore the limits of their new shapes within minutes.
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    Prices include 20% USt. (VAT). FREE SHIPPING within the EU.

    For questions feel free to send us an e-mail: Quatro Goya MFC KT Boards
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