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JASON DIFFIN about the new Guru S: “Super light weight, very durable, very easy handling, a dedicated performance wave sail for kids. Target riders are kids and smaller riders under 45 kilos. The Guru S can be used in flat water for beginner training, when fully planing and of course in any wave condition, as the Guru S is modeled after the Guru G4 concept of extreme durability and easy, soft handling in a wide variety of wind and wave conditions. Learn, plane, jump, surf, loop, anything is possible with the Guru S. This is, after all, a performance wave sail.”

Sail designer Jason Diffin on the 2015 Guru S

Guru S continues to surprise us with its range of use. You can rig the sail off the deck and use it as a trainer sail for adults, or rig it as recommended to teach your kid to sail. The GuruS is built with the same materials and cuts as all the wave sails, so as the sailor progresses the sail is right there with them. You can learn on this sail and then continue on to full performance advanced windsurfing all on GuruS.
Color: green
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    For questions feel free to send us an e-mail: Quatro Goya MFC KT Boards
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